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Available for consulting

I’m available for advisory roles, as well as more hands-on research and development type of consulting on selected topics.

References from past clients available on request.

Example Internet of Things projects with:

  • ACKCIO, Singapore - Contiki-NG and TSCH improvements for mine & building monitoring applications.
  • Amber Agriculture, USA - Contiki-NG and TSCH customization for long range networks.
  • Datamars SA and Miromico, Switzerland - Contiki-NG TSCH customization for large scale networks with mobile elements.
  • MIMOS Berhard, Malaysia - 6LBR integration, TSCH performance investigation.
  • Cysca Technologies - TSCH performance optimization.

The projects include real-world deployed networks with up to 100 nodes.


atis.elsts at gmail.com