• Guest lecturer, Computer Networks, University of Latvia, 2021
  • Guest lecturer, Computer Network Security, Technical University of Denmark, 2020
  • Guest lecturer, Wireless Networking and Sensing in e-Healthcare, University of Bristol, 2018
  • Guest lecturer, Wireless Sensor Networks, University of Latvia, 2011 and 2012
  • Guest lecturer, Operating Systems, Latvia University of Agriculture, 2013
  • Substitute lecturer and teaching assistant, Linux System Programming, University of Latvia, 2011, 2012, and 2013
  • Teaching assistant, Sociotechnical Systems Engineering project course in IT (a project developing a smart city IS), Uppsala University, Spring 2015
  • Teaching assistant, Computer Networks III project course, Uppsala University, Spring 2015


  • Undergraduate thesis supervision for 3 students on wireless sensor network topics.
  • Master thesis supervision for 2 students on wireless sensor network protocols (University of Bristol, University of Latvia)
  • Master thesis supervision for 1 student on cryptocurrency protocols in IoT (University of Bristol)
  • Master thesis review (i.e. de facto partial supervision in the Swedish system) for 2 students.
  • Internship supervision for multiple students at the University of Bristol and IECS.

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